How do I set up a single OKB block?

How do I set up multiple OKBs?

How do I fill and drain my OKB?

How many blocks come in a OKB set?

Just 3 blocks and all the necessary components (Cups, sponge, zipties, connectors and stoppers). It does NOT include seeds or cuttings.

How do I start growing in the OKB?

We recommend growing from cuttings. Simpler plants like basil, mint, lemonbalm and garlic are easy to find in supermarkets and to grow in the OKB. You can also choose to grow from, you need only ensure the sponge is wet.

How can I attach the OKB to walls?

It's like hanging a painting. Each OKB weighs roughly 1.2kg with water and plants, so you can use heavier duty equipment like wall hooks, nails, 3M wall hooks, and so on.

How can I attach the OKB to railings?

We provide zipties in the package, and you can tie it to the fastening system at the back of each block. As long as the system is securely fastened safely, you should be good to grow!

How often must I refill the OKB?

Depending on your plants, you may only need to top up weekly or less. Unlike soil, you don't have to water daily!

How often must I top up on fertilizer?

If you're using our seaweed-based fertilizer, topping up with half a tablet per block weekly is sufficient. Otherwise, follow your own solution's instructions carefully.

Can my OKB breed mosquitos?

The OKB is a completely sealed system, meaning there's no entry point for mosquitos if all holes are covered with the cups and sponge. To be extra secure, we recommend buying BTI tablets, a type of bacteria that put simply consumes mosquito larvae.


Instructional videos

Let our beloved home-farmer Mummy Soh teach you how to set up your One Kind Block! Stay tuned for more videos on how to set up your OKB here!